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Metals Studio Jeweler 3D Printing Service (Spring I 2022)

Dates: April 11 - May 22, 2022

Meets: M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa and Su from 12 M to 12 N

Location: Offsite

Studio Fee: $30.00

The Jewelry/Metals department will professionally print your CAD files. We print in castable resin on our Elegoo Mars 2 printers. We will print the entire build plate file that you have sliced and sent in. If you wish for multiple printings, please purchase multiple listings. This listing will allow you to submit 1 printing over the length of the session. Please read below instructions and settings carefully.

File Information/Requirements:
-Each registration is limited to a 2" x 6" x 6" space on the build plate.
-Pre-sliced files are preferred.

File Type Requirement: You need to be slicing your file with the program Chitubox and selecting Elegoo Mars 2 for the printer. When slicing be sure you are including the file: Base 120x80 centered on the bottom of the build plate when you slice it or else the prints may not adhere.  The Base 120x80 STL file download link is provided in the Registration Receipt PDF Attachment.

Printer Settings:
In your chitubox software, please set your printer settings to:
Elegoo Mars 2

  • Layer Height: 0.050mm
  • Bottom Lift Distance:5.00mm
  • Bottom Layer Count: 5 Lifting
  • Distance: 6mm
  • Exposure Time: 10.00s
  • Bottom Retract distance: 5mm
  • Bottom Exposure Time: 200s
  • Retract Distance: 6mm
  • Waiting Mode During Printing: Resting time
  • Bottom Lift Speed: 100.00mm/min
  • Rest Time Before Lift: 0.00s
  • Lifting Speed: 50.00mm/min
  • Rest Time After List: 0.00s
  • Bottom Retract Speed: 50.00mm/min
  • Rest Time After Retract: 0.500s
  • Retract Speed: 50.00mm/min

Cancellation Policy:

The purchase of this 3D Printing Service listing is non-refundable.  No exceptions will be made, so please review the requirements carefully before you register. 


Next Steps for Students Upon Registering: 1. Please send your printer files directly to Metals Department Coordinator, Julian De La Garza at Please remember that pre-sliced files are preferred if you require Castable Resin. 2. Pick-ups arrangements of your printed items must be scheduled in advance with Julian. Please email Julian to discuss pick-up availability directly at the Worcester Center for Crafts ( 25 Sagamore Road, Worcester, MA).
Fee: $30.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)Studio Fee$ 10.00
Mandatory Fee3D Printing Build Plate Fee$ 20.00


Julian De La Garza

Artist Bio

Julian De La Garza was born in New York, and raised in Rhode Island. He received his BA in Jewelry/Metals from Rhode Island College and then went on to work in the industry. During this period he was a diamond setter for Tiffany & Co. and then a model maker for C & J Jewelry working on high-end jewelry brands such as David Yurman, Haverhill Leech, and Tiffany & Co. All while also continuing his personal studio practice and jewelry business.

Realizing he had always wanted to teach at the college level, he left the stagnancy of the industry and decided to go back to school to obtain his MFA at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in Artisanry with a focus on Jewelry/Metals. During his stay at the university he has received high awards for his jewelry design skills through juried competitions and has also had opportunities to teach as well as assist advanced classes.

Check our Julian's website here and his Instagram page here!



Date Day Time Location
04/11/2022Monday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/12/2022Tuesday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/13/2022Wednesday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/14/2022Thursday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/15/2022Friday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/16/2022Saturday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/17/2022Sunday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/18/2022Monday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/19/2022Tuesday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/20/2022Wednesday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/21/2022Thursday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/22/2022Friday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/23/2022Saturday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/24/2022Sunday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/25/2022Monday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/26/2022Tuesday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/27/2022Wednesday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/28/2022Thursday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/29/2022Friday12M to 12 N Offsite
04/30/2022Saturday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/01/2022Sunday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/02/2022Monday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/03/2022Tuesday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/04/2022Wednesday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/05/2022Thursday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/06/2022Friday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/07/2022Saturday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/08/2022Sunday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/09/2022Monday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/10/2022Tuesday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/11/2022Wednesday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/12/2022Thursday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/13/2022Friday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/14/2022Saturday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/15/2022Sunday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/16/2022Monday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/17/2022Tuesday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/18/2022Wednesday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/19/2022Thursday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/20/2022Friday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/21/2022Saturday12M to 12 N Offsite
05/22/2022Sunday12M to 12 N Offsite


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